Integra MicroSystems and their subsidiary i25 Rural developed a mobile banking terminal that is used by their network of over 15,000 agents to provide basic financial services to millions of Indians living in rural areas.

With this network of agents established, Integra wanted to explore what other services they could offer to customers and they chose BuffaloGrid.

Using V2 of our BuffaloGrid Hub, we provided Integra with a technology platform and operational support to help their rural customers keep their phones charged. 

In 6 months, 10 INTEGRA AgENTS SOLD 23,000 PHONES CHARGES TO 15,000 UniquE CustomERS

Our goal was to help Integra develop a new service for their rural customers by leveraging their network of agents. It not only provided a new stream of revenue but agents also reported the provision of power drove engagement and interest in financial inclusion.

BuffaloGrid helped add a new revenue stream to our agent network. It allowed us to offer a new service to our customers and increase the income that agents receive. As a result, we have increased customer and agent retention, and average revenue per customer.
— Rishabh Jain, Associate Vice President, Integra



Anitha was one of Integra’s highest performing agents. As well as being a rural banking inclusion agent, she also managed a local food shop at a busy road junction in Kunundur, in rural Karnataka (Map).

Grid power was available in Anitha’s village, but only 4-8 hours a day. And in the surrounding villages, the grid power supply was varied - sometimes as high as 18 hours a day, sometimes as low as 2 hours a day.

She estimated that around 40% of her customers were residents of the local area, with the remaining 60% coming from people passing through the busy junction where her shop was located.

For a local female entrepreneur, BuffaloGrid gave Anitha another way to earn revenue to support her family and give back to the community.

BuffaloGrid is a great source of income for my family. I spend most of my earnings from selling mobile phone power on my children. It has allowed me to send my daughter to dance class and helped pay for books and school fees. The rest, I spend on myself!

— Anitha, Kunundur, Integra Agent in Kunundur