Members of the Power for All Coalition


At BuffaloGrid, we're on a mission to bring mobile power and internet to the next billion. Without a reliable connection to the internet, people can’t communicate, learn or engage with the modern global economy.

As smartphones get cheaper and mobile data connection get faster, with coverage spreading further than ever before, keeping phones charged remains one of the single biggest barriers to people gaining internet access.

In many areas of the world where our BuffaloGrid Hubs are used to charge phones, grid power is either not present, or so unreliable that it's not a feasible means of keeping your mobile phone charged. When grid power is present, it is generated by burning fossil fuels, an unsustainable and unhealthy source of energy. When grid power is not present, we don't believe that extending the grid is the most sustainable, effective or economically viable means of providing power into off-grid communities. That's why, since 2013, we have been committed to using solar energy to provide power for our BuffaloGrid Hubs located in grid-edge and off-grid areas.

And today, we're proud to announce that we have become signatories to the Power for All declaration [PDF] and become a Power for All Partner. This declaration cements our commitment to decentralised, renewable energy and demonstrates our support for the incredible work performed by the 200+ organisations who form the Power for All Coalition. As part of that coalition, we will do our part to build a better future through renewable energy.

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