Partners with Microsoft to address the digital divide


We're pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between BuffaloGrid and Microsoft, via their Energy Access Initiatives.

The partnership comprises grant funding from Microsoft, in addition to technical mentorship and extensive use of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and services.

In working with Microsoft, we have a partner that is committed to addressing the Digital Divide using innovative technology and a sustainable business model.

Here is Kevin Connolly, Director of Energy Access in the Affordable Access Initiatives team at Microsoft, in his own words.

Why is Microsoft supporting companies providing power and connectivity in the developing world?

"Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Progress toward this mission requires that we address the fact that there are currently 4 billion people worldwide who lack access to Internet, and 1.2 billion who lack access to electricity."

What does Microsoft hope to achieve through its partnership with BuffaloGrid?

"Microsoft’s approach to both energy access and Internet access is to accelerate the work of innovative partners around the world. Rather than being the solution provider, Microsoft seeks to empower our partners to solve their own local challenges, and to develop local innovation, local economic opportunities, and local employment. BuffaloGrid addresses a critical need by providing access to mobile device charging and other services to rural villages lacking reliable access to energy, and we are happy to partner with them to achieve this end."

What have you seen in the work BuffaloGrid is doing that makes you excited about this partnership?

"BuffaloGrid fits perfectly as a partner – it provides affordable access to clean energy for mobile phone charging to those who lack it, and it’s doing so through the innovative use of technology. With a solution that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT), data reporting, analytics and advanced services like machine learning, we believe that BuffaloGrid’s innovative use of Microsoft Azure services will be a truly exciting way to demonstrate that technology can be used to accelerate access to energy and connectivity, while building a scalable and sustainable business model."